Sew Successful – Olympics 2012


Over the last few weeks the whole nation (in fact world) has been zoned in on London and the Olympics 2012, it’s taken our minds off the glum broken English weather and seasonal seaside trips and had us indoors glued to the live coverage. The greatest thing is that it hasn’t only been relevant to the sporty type, the whole nation has found it uniquely enticing and have been able to associate with something.


The height of our interest remained on the immeasurable amounts of sewing that went into the Olympic set up. From stage designs and backdrops, to equipment like trampolines and volleyball nets, and the athletes attire we just couldn’t believe the amount of work and detail that has gone in to everything.


Even for the average household, we’ve all been busy; sewing TeamGB logo’s onto clothing, making bunting and accessorising everything with the Union Jack, we’ve been SEW busy!!!


In the Opening Ceremony we were introduced with an impressive visual bang and witnessed an array of stunning and enticing outfits worn by the 15,000 performers, marking the moment the 2012 games began and all the eyes of the world focussed on London and the UK.  (In fact it apparently took 1 mile of clothing rails to hold all the costumes needed for the show!!)


Even the sports gear worn by the Olympians was stepped up a gear this year after the input of top designers.  A lot of name designers got involved with the uniforms and we were eagerly awaiting to see the nations step out in their patriotic colours, as they say: “it’s not the colours you go home with, it’s the colours you came with that matter”!! With Stella McCartney backing TeamGB and Ralph Lauren influencing the US (you can’t get 2 better representatives).


However, what stole the show was the Closing Ceremony with the Olympic Fashion show paying tribute to the great British fashion designers and influencers that have impacted the world for decades. The stadium was brought to a standstill as the nation’s sexiest supermodels emerged from giant lorry billboards and performed a creative ode to British fashion catwalk. The line up included Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Lily Cole, all showcasing a series of intricate custom-made gold outfits from our iconic British brands.The amount of work and detail in particularly Naomi’s dress was incredible, and my personal favourite.


We know the slogan for London 2012 is “Inspire a Generation” … we definitely agree that the Olympics have left a legacy and hopefully there will be a generation inspired to sew too!!