History Behind The Great British Sewing Bee


In the world of sewing and craft everyone has by now heard of the new “Great British Sewing Bee” programme that is about to grace our TV screens tonight .. we’ve blogged about it, BBC have now launched details about it and it’s leading all the conversations within the sewing community at the moment. It’s even trending across Twitter, yayyy!!!! #GBSB

But, do you have any idea what relevance a bee is to sewing? Well you’re not the only one, we’ve all been thinking the same. Many assumed the name would just be “The Great British Sew Off” after the successful “Great British Bake Off” having the same producers, so it came as quite a shock when the “Great British Sewing Bee” name was announced. Now that we’ve investigated it we agree it makes perfect sense and  reflects the British culture perfectly well … so we thought we’d share this knowledge with you too.

To explain this we need to go back about 100 years, when what we now know as “sewing circles” or “sewing groups” were actually referred to as “sewing bees”. Yes, that’s it, that’s how a bee fits into sewing. This became popular with the Queen Mother (Queen Elizabeth) as she made it a popular idea to make and mend throughout the war and used it as a way to socialise and support the troops. Sounds exciting and I’m sure the show won’t let us down, it’s just a shame it will only be on for 4 weeks but I’m sure there will be plenty to keep us glued throughout those episodes and tasks and hopefully the sewing revolution legacy will continue long after the show ends. SEW, all that’s left to do now is to watch it over the next month and see who is crowned King or Queen Bee and then get out your very own sewing machine and put it all into practice!!