How To Sew: Halloween Treat Pouches


The air is turning cold, the nights are getting longer, and the leaves are piling up along the streets. It’s definitely getting close to Halloween! We’ve got a great spooky sewing sweet treat for you perfect for the big Halloween night itself, we promise there’re no tricks! With the Trick-or-treaters and Halloween parties just around the corner, these little grab bag pouches are quick to sew and perfect for stuffing full of goodies. Ours are perfect for tiny hands and small portions, but you can scale them up to whatever size you like. Try making a barrel full of bats, a plethora of pumpkins, or any other ghost and ghoul you can think of!

Getting ready


  • Fabrics – we’re using a thin black jersey for the bat and a slightly thin fleece for the pumpkin
  • Fabric paint or other decoration for the faces
  • Black craft foam, cut into bat wings
  • Ribbon, string or other equivalent for the drawstring

To make your template, draw around a circular object, and then cut off the top of the curve so you have a flat section for the open end. Use your template to cut four pieces of your fabric (two outer pieces and two inner). You want to cut two of the pieces slightly larger than the template, so the lining will fit snugly  inside the outer. Decorate one of the larger pieces with your spooky face before you begin assembling the pouches, as it’s much easier to paint on them now. If you’re using any bulky decorations such as beads or our bat wings however, save those until the end!


Piecing together the pouches

Take the smaller two of your cut blank pieces, and with the right sides together sew them together using a straight stitch. This is your inner lining. Do the same with your larger blank piece and the face piece, but stop sewing about an inch and a half before you reach the top at the other side from where you started sewing. This will leave a gap for you to turn the finished piece the right way around, and to thread the drawstring through once you’re finished sewing.


Take your lining and your outer sections – have your outer section with the face on the outside, and the lining with the blank sides on the inside. Push your outer section into the lining section, so the face of the outer section is touching the blank side of the lining. Sew right along the top with a straight stitch, so the two sections are secured together. On the inside, locate the gap in the side you left open, and slowly pull the fabric through the hole until the entire thing has turned inside you. You will have the two sections connected at the top, with the stitching hidden inside. Tuck the lining down into the outer section.

With your bag ready and the lining tucked in place, we now want to make a secure place for the drawstring. Top-stitch all the way around the top of the bag, an inch and a half from the top (so you start your sewing at the bottom on the opening you left, which will now be on the outside of your bag). This top-stitching will help make sure your lining stays in place, and that your drawstring stays flush with the top of the pouch.

With the bag ready for the drawstring, all that’s left is to threat one through! Cut a piece twice the width of your bag and then a little extra, pop a safety pin through one end (this will help you feel where the end is) and slowly push the drawstring through the tunnel you’ve made for it. Once it emerges from the other end, knot the two ends together . Now you’re ready to fill them up and hand them out!


If you put a pouch together, we’d love to hear about it (or all of them, these are a great bulk project!). Why not take some photos and post them to our Facebook page or tweet them at our Twitter account. We’d love to see what spooks and scares you can come up with to decorate them – a black cat, an eyeball, a whole host of monsters? The possibilities are limitless!

Val’s Sew & Tell – Halloween Inspiration


Val Houghton, our loyal Facebook friend & Toyota user, has kindly sent us some of her amazing “Sew & Tell” photos to share with our Toyota Home Sewing Community. And, well we thought, what better time to share this creation below considering we all need inspiring to get out the sewing machine and start making our annual costumes … Val shows us how it can be done:


We know that Val is in demand, and makes all sorts for everyone, she’s very talented!! But she explains that she made this particular costume for a friend who attended a Halloween themed dog agility class dressed as (you probably guessed it) … DRACULA!!


What costumes are you making? Why not send your creations, photos or ideas to our Facebook page, there’s a community of Home Sewing Followers who’d love to see!!