Knowing your extension table – quick guide


If you own an  original model Oekaki or RS series Toyota sewing machine and have never have used an extension table before, ours can be a little confusing. To make sure you can get it up and running with no fuss, we’ve written you this handy guide!

The first thing most people notice is that the table only has one ‘rubber stopper’ on it. Don’t panic! You aren’t missing three feet, what you actually have is one adjustable screw. The screw in this leg of the table is used to adjust the height of the table to fit your machine (yes, you only need the one!). You may have noticed that table looked too low to fit onto your machine, which is where this adjustable screw comes in.

Caution: We recommend always having the power off when you attach and remove the extension table and accessory box to your machine.

To set your table up on your machine, please follow the steps below:

The extension table has four fold away legs. Before you attach your extension table to your machine you will need to lift up each leg over 90-degrees to the outside until they’re in position. Locate the leg with the adjustable screw.

Turn the screw to adjust the height of the table to reach your desired position. This will level out the up side of the table so it will fit snugly around the free arm of the sewing machine.

Make sure that the measuring line is facing the front of the extension table.

Remove the accessory holder out of your sewing machine, allowing access to the free arm.

Slide the extension table into position around the free arm of the sewing machine until it has clicked into position. You’re now ready to use your extension table!

When you are finished, remove the extension table by sliding it off gently and then reattach your accessory holder.

Enjoy your new-found space for sewing!

Our Brand New Sewing Machine …


Toyota Sewing Machine

It’s SEW exciting … This month, we get to see the launch of our brand new Toyota Home Sewing machine – OEKAKI. The sewing machine has been named after the Japanese concept and term “to draw” and we want to help encourage you to have fun with sewing!! We’d love to see you personalise clothes, furnishings and even transforming your child’s artwork to a unique tapestry piece together!!


We’ve set up a very special Oekaki World BlogFacebook and Twitter to share, show and see what is going on within the community … so make sure you get connected!!


This machine has been cleverly put together by our Toyota design team and has some wonderful features .. it comes with a special starter pack to make it as simple as possible for you to make the most of your new purchase and get started straight away (even if you’re brand new to sewing) – it includes an extension table, DVD, darning/embroidery foot, flower stitch foot, thread etc … PLUS we’re giving a free embroidery hoop to every Oekaki owner here.


We ‘re so excited to see our brand new model already feature in the popular UK Sew Today magazine (see pic below) and be recommended for a Christmas buy in “All we want for Christmas”.  The model will be released for sale in the UK on Friday 23rd November 2012.


Oekaki Machine Magazine Article

If you’d like to read more about this sewing machine, or find out where you can buy it from … come and visit us here. We’ll also be running competitions, sewing projects and sharing your tips and creations so DON’T MISS OUT!!