Sew Successful – Inspire A Generation


INSPIRED .. it’s not just sport, we want the legacy to live on for sewing!!

Following on from our Olympic theme in the last post, we want to acknowledge this year’s slogan “inspire a generation” made famous by the London 2012 games. And it seems to have lived up to the aim! Since the games came to a close less than 2 weeks ago we’ve seen streets & parks full of joggers, skaters, bikers and sports clubs becoming inundated with inquiries from people who have been gripped by Olympic fever … the conversations and legacy are far from over!!


So, just like the olympics are “inspiring a generation“, we too are looking to inspire a generation!! We hear of a time when grandmothers and mums clothed their families and decorated homes using their inherited sewing skills and it’s no hidden statistic that today these numbers (& interest) have dwindled!! Teaching your children to sew has a greater benefit than learning a life skill; it will teach them patience, problem solving and can be used as a useful learning tool … as well as a great fun time to spend together.


We can also learn from their training … it’s always practice that will make you better at what you do! With practice  comes excellence and expertise. It’s a great way to teach children practice and patience! Just like running or riding a bike…it’s hard at first but once you persist it comes much more simple and achievable.


Sew, let’s inspire a generation and pass on the sewing legacy!!




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