Sew Fun – Sewing Parties


We all know about ladies parties … a number of us have probably been to more than one (from luxury cosmetics to everyday home appliances).  Retailers throughout the years have zoned in on a female target market and provided resources to offer “party” style shopping experiences, which have proved very successful.


As the success of these have grown, the variety of parties have become endless, as has the number of people doing them and the repetitive syndrome has kicked in and the fun kicked out.  However, we’re over the moon & very excited to hear there may be a wave of sewing and baking style home parties ahead, a new genre generation and the perfect choice for “home” style parties!!



SEW: why not look into throwing a “sewing party” (it even rhymes) … a fab excuse to get all your favourite pals together and do your favourite things!! AND if your friends aren’t the sewing type, what a great opportunity to share the fun in it and the possibilities of what can be made!! A lot of people don’t actually feel confident using a sewing machine, sew, what a perfect opportunity to show them how easy it can be (and show off your skills at the same time).   We’ve all got something in the back of the wardrobe we’ve been “meaning” to fix or alter in some way but waiting to find the “perfect” time a midst our busy schedules to get the chance (which let’s face it will probably see the charity shop before we get the “perfect” time. Well….wouldn’t this be the perfect moment!!  Ask all your friends to bring along something (of their choice), pool in and brainstorm and help make it a Cinderella transformation moment.


Some helpful tips & pre-planning thoughts:

  • Set up your sewing machine and equipment ahead of time
  • Have the instruction manual to hand (you can re-print Toyota ones here)
  • If you have a portfolio, or your favourite work, have it to hand and show it off to everyone
  • Visit your local fabric shop before the night and see what remnants you can pick up cheaply
  • Consider workshop styles, ie: “How to sew a button” or “How to make cushion covers”


If you do host one over the coming months, be sure to let us know how you get on and send us all your pictures. If you need any equipment feel free to contact us via our website, email, Twitter or Facebook. If you are buying in bulk we may be able to offer you some discount so its worth letting us know!!


Good Luck, and Happy Sewing 🙂