Troubleshooting Basics – Doesn’t rotate


Out of all the faults that may happen to you whilst sewing, this may well be the most frustrating: when it just won’t sew!! The noise and the sudden stubbornness of the machine acting like a tantrum toddler often make us think it is something severe & expensive to fix. However, the chances are, you will avoid this problem if you take care of your machine by cleaning regularly and here is a basic rundown of why it may happen, and ways to prevent or resolve it if it does …











This may be because the:

  • The machine is not turned on properly
  • Thread is tangled in the hook
  • A broken needle is hiding in the hook

You could fix this by:

  • Turning the machine off and on
  • Ensuring the power plug is connected properly
  • Cleaning the hook
  • Taking out the bobbin & removed any trapped thread


If you need help on doing any of the above, refer to your Instruction Manual or download one here.


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