The Gentleman’s Sewing Club – Getting men in a stitch



I’ve come across some interesting articles recently, not by intent, just through internet browsing and they all seem to have a clear common theme …


“Men itching to get stitching”,  “Sew Macho”, “Teach a man to sew; clothe him for a lifetime” etc…


Sewing, whether fact or fiction, has always been looked at as being a ‘women’s world’ or a ‘female-dominated society’ but I’m so gripped by all these headlines that I’ve done my own investigating around the subject to see whether that view point still exists.

Gretchen “Gertie” Hirsch recently summed it up in her blog by saying “home sewists are women and highly-paid couturiers are men” but we’ll let you pass your own judgement on that one. She also taps into a blog set up by a guy called Peter who shares with us his journey of garment-sewing adventures, called Male Pattern Boldness.

Anyway the question most interesting to me was, is it our culture that keeps men away from sewing? Then I came across “The Gentleman’s Sewing Club: a  weekly sewing club for gentleman folks”. Now, I’m not a fan of splitting the craft into genders or groups, however I do love to see sewing being popular with all whether old/young, men/women etc and I understand the advantages of getting like-minded people together. For example, a group such as this can concentrate on male-focused patterns and more male orientated chat. Despite not passing as a gentleman, I still managed to gain access and have a snoop around the blog and I must say … I loved it!!

From monthly sewing evenings (held at the regal Glasgow Sloan store whilst sipping whiskey sours & exchanging sewing tips) to the blog featuring things such as lifestyle advice from Tom Ford, my favourite being:


5. A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach.

This is all happening right now in Glasgow … imagine the gentlemen that would take to our fine British streets if this caught on throughout the nation!!

Anyway, my conclusion is that men are interested in sewing and quite serious about it too and I look forward to hearing your thoughts over on our Facebook & Twitter pages. Do you have a husband, brother, friend who can sew?