Styled To Rock – Bringing Sewing Back


I couldn’t believe it last night when I turned the TV on to discover a fantastic program called “Styled To Rock” in which contestants all compete to design and make outfits for the stars. I don’t watch much TV so it isn’t a surprise I hadn’t heard of this before but I can’t help but feel I’ve been missing out on this show … it’s the first series but it’s already on about episode 9 now.









The competition seems to focus around superstar Rihanna on her hunt for the next expressive “up & coming” British fashion designer and I love the key statement: ‘SEW HARD‘ featured on the main studio wall … encouraging the team to not just work hard, but sew hard!! It’s clear to see their passion for design & sewing and it really did push some buttons in me to start pushing myself further too!!


Supporting Rihanna is Girl’s Aloud popstar Nicola Roberts, successful British Fashion Designer Henry Holland and superstar stylist Lysa Cooper. Each week the contestants are given a new brief along with a new superstar. So far I believe they have designed for Cheryl Cole, Kanye West & Katy Perry!!


Another pleasant surprise for me was seeing Heidi May, an ex-classmate of mine from The University Of Huddersfield, and her delightfully sweet personality still shining through. It was Katy Perry night and Heidi actually won the challenge so congrats!! We’re cheering on all the contestants and excited to have found this show at the peak, will definitely be tuning in next week and thanks to all involved for the sewing inspiration!!


What I especially love about the show is it shows anyone can do it with a bit of determination, all the contestants are all from totally different backgrounds; self-taught, graduates, boutique owners etc.. Some are amazing pattern drafters, others have no experience BUT at the catwalk stage everyone pulls it off … it just stirs up an excitement in me to get more creative, to do a supermarket sweep in the fabric shop and then straight to the sewing!!