How To Sew: Valentine’s Breakfast Coaster & Egg Cosy



Searching for a last minute flourish to your Valentine plans? Whether you’re treating a loved one or going all out on the self care, we have the perfect finishing touch for you! What could be a better start than a warming breakfast in bed, with our cute heart-coaster and egg cosy set.


Getting ready



  • Fabrics – a fat quarter of a patterned cotton and one of plan for the egg cosy lining
  • Coaster and egg cosy template
  • Thin wadding
  • Matching or contrast threads
  • Hand sewing needle



First, print off your template from the link above, and cut out the heart and egg cosy shapes from your fabrics and wadding. Use the templates to cut the required pieces for each item.

  • 2 patterned fabric hearts
  • 1 wadding heart
  • 2 patterned egg cosy sides
  • 2 lining egg cosy sides
  • 2 wadding egg cosy sides.

Crafting your cosies


Once your pieces are cut, we’ll put the coaster together first. Place your outer pieces together right sides facing, then place the wadding on top and pin the three pieces together. Use a short straight stitch around the edges, leaving the smallest seam allowance you can. Leave two inches of the heart piece open, for turning the coaster inside out. Sew slowly to make sure you get nice smooth curves!  When you’ve finished sewing, push the fabric inside out through the whole you left, so that the wadding disappears inside the coaster and the outer patterned fabric emerges. Use a pencil end or chopstick to smooth out the curves by pushing them into place from the inside. Fold the edges of the open hole inside and press the coaster smooth.


Place your egg cosy outer pieces together right sides facing, and pin, doing the same with the two lining pieces. Before pinning the two wadding pieces together, trim 1/4″ off the straight bottom edge. Use the same short straight stitch to attach each set of pieces together, leaving the straight edge along the bottom open for every set. Once all the sewing is finished, turn the bottom of the inner and outer fabric sections up by 1/4″ with the folded section on the outside, and press. Slide the lining section into the wadding section (ensuring the wadding is tucked under the folded edge). Turn the outer section right sides out, and then slide the paired lining and wadding into the outer section.



To finish your coaster and egg cosy off, hand sew the open sections closed neatly, using a slip stitch. Make sure to keep your open edges taunt to avoid wrinkles in your hand sewing, and extend your hand sewing slightly into the machine sewn sections for extra stability. Try not to catch the wadding with your needle, or you might pull stray fibres through your cotton fabric. Once your hand sewing is done, gently press the finished items for a final time. Now all that’s left is to pop the kettle on and break out the egg cups!



Now you’ve got a cute and cosy accompaniment for a lovely valentine breakfast! Why not match with a tea cosy for the full set (because what’s breakfast without a pot of tea after all?), or make a whole bundle for a big group brunch! We’d love to see your finished projects on our Facebook page or Twitter account, with your beautiful breakfast and best bed nest of course. Happy sewing everyone!


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