Make your own bunting


You can never go wrong with this quintessential British decoration … An excellent way to brighten up any area!! And a perfect sewing machine project to use up those remnants of beautiful fabric that we refuse to throw away!!









1.    Cut an elongated triangular template from card.

2.    Place the template onto the chosen fabrics and draw around it (rotating to get the triangles as close to each other as possible) and cut out.

Cut out your triangular templates














3.    Place 2 pieces of fabric together (right sides facing) and, using your sewing machine, sew a 1cm seam down one long side and stop.  Keep the needle down in the fabric, turn and sew up the other long side. (Do not sew top side)

4.    Continue step 3 for all triangles and then turn fabric right sides out and press.

Sew two pieces of bunting together















5.    Cut a ribbon, strip of fabric or bias binding to the desired length, fold in half lengthways and press.

6.    Slot the fabric triangles into the ribbon at equal distances from each other (leaving a 10cm gap at each end) and pin.

Attach the ribbon to the bunting
















7.    Using a sewing machine, sew a straight stitch the full length of the ribbon (the needle must go through both triangles and both sides of the ribbon).

8.    At each end, fold the 10cm remaining ribbon in half and sew securely to the triangle, this creates your loop to hang from, and creates a neat finish. Finally press and your bunting is complete.


Home Made Bunting


How to thread Toyota SP series (SP10/SP20) sewing machine


The ERGONOMICS DESIGN (SP Series) sewing machines are fairly easy to thread and set up. However, it’s easy to struggle if you’re not used to them, so we’ve put together a useful video tutorial to talk you through how to thread your Toyota SP series (SP10/SP20) sewing machine


How to thread Toyota sewing machine RS2000 series 2&3 Dial


Have you got an RS2000 series 2 or 3 Dial sewing machine?


We recently added a blog post with a video tutorial on how to thread a single dial RS2000 series sewing machine. And of course we wouldn’t miss out a similar tutorial for those of you with the two or three dial sewing machines.


The main difference between the single dial and 2&3 dial RS2000 sewing machines is that the 2&3 dial machines have a threader so your job is made a little easier.


How to thread Toyota sewing machine RS2000 series Single dial


Getting started with your new sewing machine can be daunting for the novice sewer.


We’ve, therefore, put together a short video Tutorial on how to thread your Toyota RS2000 series Single dial sewing machine.



For information, all of our design for living sewing machines are part of our RS2000 series


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