The World of Fashion and Digital Unite – London Fashion Week 2013


We’ve been gripped for weeks now as catwalks have been taking place all across the world, but, this weekend it’s finally here … the limelight is now on our very own capital – LONDON!! Yayyyy, is it clear we’re a little bit excited?!

Today is Day 1 of London Fashion Week and already it’s trending on Twitter #LFW and over 60% of the catwalk schedule will be streamed live on YouTube. With all the backstage footage, catwalk coverage, carefully chosen camera angles and ability to work at the same time as watching all the action I’m extremely glad I stayed at home to watch it this year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a magical atmosphere when you’re there, but with all this bad weather and increasing pile of work it ‘s been no big loss to follow it all from my lovely warm office this year, thanks to digital.

If I do manage to miss anything from the live streaming I’m pretty sure I’ll quickly catch up from their Twitter feed, and to complete things there are soundtracks from the shows being uploaded … perfect to cover the time in-between catwalks, especially to keep up the pace of a Friday afternoon.

Another thing we love is the question and answer time with the designers and with real-time tweet exchanges we get the chance to get up and personal with the best talent out there. Receiving answers to questions like “what inspires” and “favourite colours” etc but obviously with a bit more depth, well as much as a Twitter comment allows anyway!!

So, things are only just really starting off and we have a whole 4 more days to look forward to, but so far thanks to all things digital and social we have thoroughly enjoyed LFW and the excitement it brings to get the sewing machine back out and start creating our own wonderful designs and creations again.

What’s been your favourite designer so far? Have you been following it and finding the coverage useful? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’ve been making from the inspiration. Just pop along to our Facebook or Twitter pages to join the conversations.


Oh, PS:  if you haven’t already found it, the live streaming link is here. Enjoy!!