Top tips for quilting with your Toyota machine


Are you a quilter, or keen to learn? Quilting is a very popular textile hobby and can be used to make home furnishings, wall hangings, art or even used in clothing!

One of the challenges of quilting is getting through all those layers of fabric. But Toyota has some tools and tips to help you!

1. Use a walking foot

A walking foot is perfect for quilting because it’s designed to “walk” over the top of the quilt, not drag the fabric which can pull the many layers out of place.

The Toyota walking foot attachment is available for both RS and SP series machines. The guide helps keep the foot working correctly.

2. Use an extension table

An extension table helps extend your work space and it’s particularly useful when sewing a large item like a quilt.

The key is that the bulk of the quilt will not be hanging off the edge of the machine, which can pull on the needle and cause harm to the inner mechanics. The extension table helps to take the weight of a heavy item, it has many uses!

3. Get a bundle of all the best feet

The Patchwork Kit contains both the walking foot, piecing foot and applique foot plus lots of other useful bits! The piecing foot helps you piece lots of smaller square, triangles or other shapes together when making your quilt. The open toe foot lets you see what you are doing much clearer.