Toyota Over Locker Questions & Answers



Q: Why does my over locker keep skipping stitches?

  • Faulty needles
  • Incorrect threading
  • Wrong needle size
  • Incorrect needle insertion
  • Incorrect presser foot pressure


  • Replace the faulty needles
  • Re thread the over locker through all guides and eyes
  • Use correct needle size for the fabric
  • Needle heads must be pushed all the way up the socket
  • Increase the presser foot pressure for heavier fabrics

Q: Why am I getting irregular stitches?

  • Incorrect tensions
  • Incorrect threading
  • Wrong needle for the fabric
  • Needles incorrectly inserted
  • Needles and threads incompatible

sewing machine tension dial

  • Adjust the tensions
  • Rethread over locker correctly
  • Use recommended needle for fabric type
  • Flat part of needle head to back of over locker and pushed right up into socket
  • Use compatible needles and threads

Q: Why is my fabric puckered?

  • Tension too tight for light weight fabrics
  • Foot pressure too tight for light weight fabrics
  • Stitch length too long
  • Differential feed set on neutral or normal (only if the over locker has a differential feed)


  • Loosen tensions for light weight fabrics
  • Decrease the foot pressure for light weight fabrics
  • Decrease the stitch length
  • Use differential feed set on 0.5
    (adjust if still puckering)

Q: Why is my fabric stretching out of shape?

  • Foot pressure too great
  • Stitch length too short
  • Over locking on raw edge of light weight fabric
  • Differential set on normal(only if over locker has a differential feed)


  • Lighten the foot pressure
  • Lengthen the stitch
  • Stabilizing the raw edge with cording or ribbon, even interfacing
  • Over lock about 5 mm in from the raw edge of the fabric
  • Set the differential feed on 2

Q: Why is my fabric not feeding through properly?

  • Stitch length is too short
  • Incorrect foot pressure being used
  • Lint and fluff clogging feed dog/teeth


  • Lengthen the stitch according to the type of fabric
  • Decrease or increase the presser foot pressure depending upon the fabric
  • Clean the fluff and lint out of the feed dog/teeth

Q: Why do my threads keep breaking?

  • Threads are out of guides
  • Threads keep tangling
  • Tensions too tight
  • Thread caught in the cotton reel notch
  • Needles incorrect


  • Re thread the over locker
  • Release the thread tangles
  • Loosen the tensions
  • Release thread if caught in reel notch
  • Insert new, or different sized needles

over locker needles
Q: Why do my over locker needles keep breaking?

  • Incorrect needles being used
  • Needle not inserted correctly
  • Needle too fine for fabric
  • Thread caught in reel notch
  • Fabric being pulled through the over locker


  • Insert Toyota recommended needles
  • Use

  • Insert the needles correctly – flat side of needle head to face back of machine, push the needle heads right up into socket
  • a larger size needle
  • Untangle thread from the reel notch
  • Avoid excessive pulling of fabric while over locking

Q: Why does my over locker keep jamming?

  • Thread tails lying to front of over locker
  • Fabric trimmings going/falling into over locker
  • Stitches too short for heavy threads
  • Front protection cover left open
  • Attempting to over lock too many layers of fabric


  • Pull thread tails to the back as you begin to over lock
  • Fabric trimmings must fall away from over locker
  • Lengthen the stitch length and check the bite width
  • Reduce the number of fabric layers being over locked

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