Wimbledon is on it’s way – sewing activewear!


It’s June, that time of year when we can dream of strawberries and cream, drinking Pimms and enjoying summer sport. Are you a Wimbledon fan?

For any keen sewist, sewing your own activewear can be hugely exciting but also has it’s own unique challenges. Here are some top tips for sewing activewear ready for the summer ahead.

1. Use the right machine

An overlocker is the perfect machine to use for sewing stretchy fabrics, especially when you want clean and neat edges. Overlocker edges flex and move with the fabric, just like you want when you’re working out or playing sport!

2. Use the right needle

When sewing stretchy fabrics you want the needle to pass easily through the knitted loops. For this reason you should always use a ballpoint needle. These needles aren’t sharp so they don’t tear the fabrics, meaning your garment will stay strong at the seams for longer.

3. Use athletic-gear fabric

Technical fabrics like Supplex are moisture wicking helping to keep you cool when you exercise. Keep an eye out for athletic specific fabrics with unique properties that makes them ideal for sewing sportswear.