Workspace Inspiration


Having a pleasant space to work in is so important to sew effectively! While not everyone has the space for a full dedicated sewing room, there are still some small things you can do to better organise the space you have and make sewing fun!


Start with the most important thing! A corner desk is a perfect spot for as many machines as you need!

From FiletBois

Desk Space

Normal furniture can be converted into excellent sewsing furniture. The drawers on this unit are perfect for all the required tools!

From MobyAndPuddle


This wall is made in a patchwork style using scraps of old vintage wallpapers!

From HenHouseHandmade

Ironing station

This little ironing station is made from a tray table.

From CrookedTiara


The pegboard wall is a perfect place to store sewing tools

From TheGingerThreadGirl